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There are lots of rumors about the loan without Credit Bureau. Loans for which the Credit Bureau information of the borrower is not relevant are not granted by German banks and cannot be requested directly abroad. In principle, based on the total number of current loan commitments, it is only a very small percentage that is requested as a loan without Credit Bureau and where the money comes from. see for more notes

The number of inquiries is significantly higher here, but this is due to the fact that many loan seekers who do not get credit from German banks because of negative Credit Bureau information try their luck at a credit broker. The loan without Credit Bureau is often advertised as if it were a loan that everyone can get.

Credit without Credit Bureau not for everyone

Credit without Credit Bureau not for everyone

Of course, this is just a deceptive advertisement. Of course, there is not credit for everyone without Credit Bureau. You have to be creditworthy, but you do not express this through a clean Credit Bureau information, but through the regular attachable income from a permanent position.

This is more valuable as security than a Credit Bureau that can still be clean today and negative tomorrow. So if you have a negative Credit Bureau information and still need a loan, you can try a credit brokerage. The request really only makes sense if the person concerned is in permanent employment and earns quite well.

All unemployed and Hartz Iv recipients, students, trainees, pensioners, self-employed and freelancers are not addressed. The group of people who will not get a loan without Credit Bureau is larger than the group of people who have real chances of a Credit Bureau-free loan.

How much is the loan?

How much is the loan?

Loans without Credit Bureau are not available in any size. The amount is limited to exactly 3,500 USD, which must be paid back within 40 months. Credit Bureau-free loans are therefore only suitable for people who need nothing more than a small loan. If you need more money, you should check with relatives or friends and try to borrow the money.

Because of the very low loan amount, the Credit Bureau-free loan is only an option if the loan requirement is also within this range. The conditions on which the loans are granted without Credit Bureau are not uniform, but are freely determined by each bank. If you want to take out a cheap loan, you have to get several offers and then compare them.

To broker the loan, the borrower must pay the broker a brokerage fee, which is not charged as a one-off amount, but is apportioned to the monthly installment.

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